The Nicholas Copernicus Polish Language School of Rockford

On November 6, 1971, under the direction of Witold Marcinczyk, assisted by Stella Dzielak and Maria Borawska the Nicholas Copernicus Polish Language School of Rockford was established. Classes were held in the school building of the St. Stanislaus Parish till 1986. In 1986, the school was forced to move, and classes were held at the Ken Rock Community Center. In 1991, due to the perseverance of Wanda Bender, Alicja Lapinski and Serafina Vanek, Fr. Anzelm Romb gave permission for the school to return to St. Stanislaus Parish and the school operated under the patronage of the Polish National Alliance, Group 1224 until 2003.

In 2003, the school suspended its operation due to lack of enrollment. However, in the next couple of years many new families with small children settled in Rockford, which presented a need to resume the school’s operation. In August 2005, St. Stanislaus Parish changed its pastoral care from the Conventual Franciscans of St. Anthony Province of Chicago to the Conventual Franciscans of Krakow. Fr. Peter Sarnicki was installed as the first pastor from the Conventual Franciscans of Krakow. Fr. Sarnicki was sensitive to the needs of the Polish families, especially the education of their children and the importance of the continuation of Polish traditions and language. After a meeting initiated by Margaret Borowski and Renata Romanowski, Fr. Sarnicki allowed the school to operate in the parish buildings free of charge and offered his protection, experience, and support until 2011. Since then, Fr. Edward Staniukiewicz, Fr. Dariusz Barna and now Fr. Mieczysław Wit continue the pastoral care of the Polish Language School.

In 2013 under direction and vision of Bogumila Sas (principal), the school offered a two year program for high school education. With the hard work and dedication of Meg Gaj and Elzbieta Gal they proudly presented their first graduating class in the spring of 2015.

Polish language, reading and writing, history, geography, and traditions are taught each Saturday morning, from mid-September until the end of May. Children are also involved in extracurricular activities which include the group „Oremus,” a vocal group which performs during children’s masses and „Krakowiaczek,” a dance group that perform traditional Polish folk dances.

The Polish Language School would like to thank all of the families, friends, and dedicated teachers for their continued support for 50 years.

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Rockford, IL 61104
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